Election Day

With it being Election Day, I thought I would share a couple of political illustrations I have done. A couple months ago, Cricut asked me to create two illustrations for Cricut Craft Room: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. When they posted these images on Facebook, it really ruffled a lot of crafters feathers. Despite the controversy, I love the way the turned out.

During the last election, Logoworks asked me to create an illustration of Barack Obama for their blog. With Obama's "Change" campaign and all of his references to Abraham Lincoln, so I thought it was fitting to put his face on the penny.

One of my favorite email campaigns I create for Logoworks was, "Vote for Your Next Special Offer." Our customers could vote for a discount on Business Cards, PowerPoint Templates and Pens. I created downloadable posters and badges that our customers use to promote their favorite "offer." At the end of the day, whichever "offer" you voted for you received, but I seem to recall that Pens won by a tiny margin.


Pat N. said...

Hi Curt, your caricatures of Mitt and Barack are straight on! I love them. Hope all is well in your new job. You are so talented, and your new company is lucky to have you.

tracym110 said...

Hi curt!

Love those images! Are they available anywhere to purchase?


Curt Jensen said...

Tracy -
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were free cuts in Cricut Craft Room. I don't think you have to actually download them. I believe they were automatically added to your "My Cartridges" section in CCR. If they are not there, they can be found under the "Cricut Craft Room Exclusives" section of the drop down menu.

Happy Crafting!

Pat N. said...

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Nadia (WithGlitteringEyes.com) said...

I should have known you were the artist behind the political illustrations-- they were great!

"I Support Pens" cracked me up!

I hope all is well with the new job!