Happy Halloween

One of the last projects I was assigned at Cricut, was to stage a kids Halloween party. The photos from this "party" have been featured on Cricut.com, Project Center, Cricut Craft Room and Cricut email campaigns.

I volunteered my daughter to come in for the "party." She was a natural in front of the camera! And it has been so fun to see her picture all over Cricut's website.

I couldn't have pulled off this "party" on my own. Jana Eubank created the pumpkin topiaries, witch shoes, best costume ribbons, fry boxes, pumpkin popcorn ball favors and match game. My lovely wife also volunteered her time, and helped on everything from assembling the ornaments and applying the vinyl on the wall to helping me set-up the display and shop for candy and party supplies.

Here is a collection of photos from the party!


Sis Patterson said...

Thanks for posting, Curt.

I thought that was your darling girl! The Halloween projects were awesome. Kudos to you, Jana, and your wife for a fantastic party set and shoot!

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

Loved that our little miss was able to be in the spotlight and add cuteness to our amazing party! :) I also loved helping you. We really do make a great team.

Pat N. said...

What fabulous party arrangements! And your daughter really is a natural; she's so adorable. Great job as always, Curt.