Daddy Daughter Cricut Night

I gave my five year old our original Cricut machine and some Cricut markers so she could create her own coloring book pages. She loves it! She is definitely a proud Cricut owner and loves telling everyone about her "Cricut that draws!"

This weekend I helped her make some of my teddy bears, and I wanted to share with you how we made them. First, we arranged the all of the layers for one bear and one outfit on her mat in Cricut Craft Room. Then, using the Cricut markers, we drew the all of the layers on a piece of  paper.

With the paper still on her mat, she then colored in each layer with markers.

Using the same Cricut Craft Room file, we then cut the colored pieces with the Cricut blade.

Here she is showing off one of her finished bears!

On Monday we needed a card for her preschool teacher, so I had her draw a background on a piece of folded paper. She then Pop-Dotted  her "mermaid bear" to one of the rocks, and finished it all of with a little glitter glue. The finished card was simply amazing! Way to go, Sweetie!


Sis Patterson said...

Great father-daughter Cricut project. The completed card is perfect and I am sure her teacher will be so impressed with the it!

Great idea and super fun!

Nadia (WithGlitteringEyes.com) said...

Presh! What a great idea-- and she did a great job!

scootingranny said...

How wonderful to be making memories like this with your daughter.

Scrappin with the bug said...

Awesome project and what a darling little girl you have. Love that she loves her project just as much as we do. DO we forsee a future artist in your family????