Easter Blessings

I love reading all of your comments! I especially love that so many of my followers are able to pick out my work before I even announce it on my blog. Although, I don't know if you would associate Easter Blessings with me. When designing this digital image set, I went for a hand-drawn look.

I absolutely adore this scrapbook layout Jana Eubank created for the Official Cricut Blog

My favorite feature in this set are the phrases. I wrote each of them by hand and then scanned them in. It is so bizarre to see my handwriting cut out of paper! (And yes, I realize I have really girly handwriting!!)

Here is a close-up of the easter lilies. I sure love all the layers and details with the cuts.

This next card was created for the Cricut Circle Blog by Charity Hassel. She used colored pencils to add some extra detail to the cross and rocks. What a great technique!


Art Deco

I may be a born and bred Utah boy, but in my heart I am a New Yorker. I had the opportunity to live in the city for a summer and quickly fell in love with all of it's art deco architecture. From attending shows at Radio City Music Hall and visiting the iconic Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, I could not get enough of this art style!

With the Art Deco Cricut cartridge, I wanted to share with you everything that I love about this time period: streamlined trains and cars, iconic architecture, dapper men and baby dolls, elegant borders and motifs, and historical typography. For me, creating this cartridge was the bee's knees! And I hope that you will find playing with it is the cat's meow!


My favorite feature on this cartridge is the set of Stage Monogram fonts and frames. By combining one letter from the Stage Left, Center Stage and Stage Right Monogram fonts, you can create elegant monograms for gifts, cards, home decor, or even your wedding. Each of the monogram frames are available in 3 sizes, giving you the option of creating 1, 2 or 3 letter monograms.

This traditional 3–letter monogram can be used for both couples' and individual's initials. According to the rules and guidelines for monogramming, if the center letter in the monogram is larger than the rest of the letters, it should be used for the initial of the last name. For example, Curt & Elizabeth Jensen is abbreviated as CJE, and Curt R. Jensen is abbreviated as CJR. I also provided an ampersand in the font to be used for an informal couple's monogram.

By using just the Stage Left and Stage Right Monogram fonts, I created this 2–letter monogram. The traditional approach with this style of monogram is to showcase the last names of a couple. For example Curt R. Jensen and Elizabeth A. Beckstead would be abbreviated as JB. In the photo above, I went with an informal approach and abbreviated our first names: CE. When you are creating a 2-letter monogram for individuals, you would showcase their first and last name (Curt Jensen as CJ) or showcase their hyphenated last name (Elizabeth Beckstead-Jensen as BJ).

You can also create elegant initials and table numbers by using just the Center Stage Monogram font. Traditionally, a single letter monogram is used to showcase the first letter of either a person's first or last name.

The Art Deco cartridge is now available from Cricut.com. Click here to view the digital handbook or the cut book.


St. Patrick's Day

Each year we are graced with the luck of the Irish for one day only! This year, you can show your Irish pride the help of my latest Cricut Craft Room Exclusive set of digital images. From pots of gold and leprechauns, to River Dancin' girls and pints of Guinness, these St. Patrick's Day icons will be the perfect accent on your gifts, cards and party favors!

How sweet are these!!! Amy Crocket made these straw wraps for the Cricut blog.

Jillian Deiling Cassity made this card for the Cricut blog. I love all of the bright colors and glitter that she used on this card.

And last but not least, Kristen Swain made this favor bag for the Cricut Circle Blog. I love the look that the Gold Smooch Ink gives to the gold coins.

And don't forget . . . there is still time to enter the Baby Cartridge Challenge. I have pushed back the deadline until tomorrow night, giving you an extra 24 hours to finish up your projects. Good luck!!!