Greeting Cards Inside & Out: Part One

Prior to joining the Cricut art team, my wife and I were avid Cricut crafters! We were among the first consumers to purchase the Cricut Imagine during the HSN World Launch and quickly fell in love with it. Ever since I received this machine, I have been wishing for a cartridge of greeting cards. Not just sentiments and images you can stick on the front of a card, but actual die-cut greeting cards that you can print and cut on demand. Kinda like having your own in-home Hallmark store. Today I am thrilled to announce that my first Imagine cartridge is just that!

The Greeting Cards Inside and Out cartridge features:
• 42 Die-cut greeting cards with coordinating inside sentiments
• 5 Gift card holders
• 3 Mad-Lib style postcards
• 10 Wrap-around address labels/envelope seals
• 4 Envelopes with coordinating liners
• 4 Printable gift bags
• 20 Letterpress-inspired patterns

Here is a sampling of the greeting cards and projects you will find on this cartridge. This first card was assembled by Cindy Royal for the Cricut Circle Blog. I created this card so it would resemble a vintage birthday candle box. I love how Cindy stitched velum over the backside of the window! It really adds dimension to the card.

This is the card's inside sentiment.

To give these cards a professional look, I added the Cricut logo to the back of each of them (similar to cards purchased from Hallmark or American Greetings). It's a little detail, but I love how it instantly transforms your card from being homemade to professionally hand crafted.

I created all four envelopes on this cartridge so they fit standard 5" x 7" or 6" x 6" cards once they are assembled. This "Special Delivery" envelope prints and cuts from a single 12" x 12" piece of paper. 

Cindy Royal assembled this next card for the Official Cricut Blog. I am a huge Elvis fan, so when I was thinking of thank you sentiments, I was immediately drawn to the stereotypical Elvis saying; "Thank you! Thank you very much!" I love how Cindy added glitter glue and 3D paint to bring some extra bling to Elvis' cape.

The Vegas sign was a natural fit for this card's inside sentiment. Traditionally, the inside of this card would be white so you could add a personal note or sentiment, but Cindy used one of my patterns to flood fill the interior.

This has to be my favorite card back on the entire cartridge!!!

In addition to the cards, I also created four different gift bags. Each bag design is intended to be printed and cut twice in order to assemble one bag. I designed it this way to give you the option of cutting larger gift bags that are sure to be the hit of your next party. Here is a birthday bag that was assembled by Roree Rumph for the Official Cricut Blog

Since the bags are a bonus project, they do not have any layering options. With this in mind, I made sure that each bag has a coordinating card that you could pull layers from. I love how Roree used some of the birthday gift card holder's layers to add dimension to the front of this gift bag.

The Greeting Cards Inside and Out cartridge is now available from Cricut.com.


Sis Patterson said...

Oh my - this is such a terrific cart! I should have known you were behind it because it has such a fun streak. I absolutely adore the Vegas-inspired "Thank You Very Much"; you can just hear it! And the candle box is amazing!

Diane Hodrick said...

I adore this cart...especially the soup can. It's first on my list to purchase from the Hello Thursday releases. I love that Elvis too. Can't wait til my daughter graduates from college and I can make her an "Elvis has left he building" graduation card. lol. You are making it easy to be "punny."

Amanda said...

All I can say is that I love, love love this cart!!! I saw the Elvis card and immediately purchased the cartridge!! I am such a huge Elvis fan. I know I will get tons of use out of this Imagine cartridge!!

Amanda :)

Bunnyfreak said...

When I saw this Cartridge I wondered if you were involved with it.

Pat N. said...

When I saw this cart on the Hello Thursday release, I first thought of you, Curt, and wondered if you had a hand in this! And lo and behold, it was you! Looks like a great cart; but I don't have an Imagine. Bet it made many Imagine owners really happy!!--Pat

Nadia (WithGlitteringEyes.com) said...

OK - this is cool! I will be adding this to the collection for sure!

Curt Jensen said...

I am so glad that you all love this one! It was definitely a labor of love, and I can hardly wait to use it myself.

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

Our family and friends will be enamored with how cute all the cards are that they will be receiving! Can't wait to have a "crafternoon" with you assembling lots and lots and lots of cards!

Waseem said...

All i can say is that you design it beautiful...that's what i want to do with my Gift Card envelopes.