Movie Night

With the Academy Awards quickly approaching, it is time for us to start planning our annual viewing party. I am pleased to announce that the decorations for this year's party will be coming from my latest CCR release: Movie Night. This digital image pack features eight Hollywood themed images and two 3D items. One of the items we plan on making is our very own Walk of Fame. By using the "hide contour" feature in Cricut Craft Room, we will be replacing the "Movie Star" text in the star with the names of each of our guests.

I love the old school popcorn boxes! They remind me of going to the Summer Movie Series when I was a kid. When I was creating this digital image pack, I made sure to include a 3D version of this classic popcorn box. I even included the perforated tab on the side, so you can enjoy your popcorn without sticking your hand inside the box!

Here are a few photos of the projects that Cindy Royal created for the Official Cricut Blog.

Here is a close-up of the three-dimensional 3D glasses.

I love how she welded the tickets'  shadows together so they look like they came off of a roll.

Another cool thing to point out is that the base for the popcorn box cuts out in two pieces. This lets you make large popcorn boxes using your 12x12 paper! If you would like to see the instructions of how it is put together, you can click here to view the digital handbook.

Provo Craft created this next project. I love seeing how all of my images look together on a scrapbook page!


Pat N. said...

OMG Curt, your Movie Night images are fabulous, especially the 3-D glasses and popcorn box. I have yet to try out CCR, so I better hop to it! Great stuff!--Pat N.

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

I absolutely love everything about this Cricut Craft Room Exclusive! I can't wait to create, create, create for our annual Academy Awards Party! The decor this year will be cuter than ever! :)

Pat N. said...

Thanks for your kind comments Curt on my blog. Isn't that star paper crazy - almost holographic! So wild how you can really see the stars in the one pic and it looks solid in the 2nd pic, but it IS the same card. I was almost "blinded" by the shine of that paper while working with it! lol. Really enjoy reading about what you do and what's going on at PC.--Pat N. (Chloe came out to play for a few days; she's a busy lady!)

Melissa said...

Movie night looks super fun! I love "old school" anything.

April said...

I wish I could use Cricut Craft Room!!! All my cartridges are linked to my Gypsy, so I am not able to :(
I would sooooo buy this! I love the popcorn box!

Gina piazza said...

Super awesome collection of images!
I have been wanting something like this for so long!
I can't wait to get them and create some fun stuff!

Ohhh Snap said...

The 3D glasses would be perfect for a Dr. Who marathon too :D