Happy Thanksgiving

Before I joined the Cricut team, I was an illustrator and graphic designer for the marketing team at Logoworks by HP. Several years ago, our email marketing manager had the idea to create an interactive game for Thanksgiving called, "Bag a Bird." If a customer could "bag" 10 birds in 45 seconds, they would receive a special discount off of their next purchase. So, they turned to me to illustrate the unlucky turkeys for the game.

My idea was to create a group of turkeys that were kind of on the ugly side, so our customers would not feel guilty shooting at them. I created two versions of each bird: one that was trying to get away, and one that had been shot. I thought it would be funny to give the latter version a the stereo typical X's over their eyes.

I also designed and coded the email that was sent out. This campaign was a huge success, and they sent out have sent it out each Thanksgiving since. 


Hrvatica said...

Love the "x" over the eye!

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

I thought this campaign was brilliant!

Pat N. said...

Oh that's too funny! Good job Curt!--Pat N.