Introducing Cricut Collectibles

I am a collector of vinyl figures. Some of my favorites include Disney's Vinylmation collections, Kid Robot's Dunny figures, and the Doctor Who Time Squad series. So when I was asked to design a line of vinyl figures for Cricut, you can imagine how excited I was!

Like the Dunny and Vinylmation figures, each Cricut Collectible figure has a common shape (based on the Cricut logo) and 1 of 12 unique themed design. This first collection is based on the different Cricut machines that have been released. Their bodies are the color of an existing machine, and the contrasting color on their arms and antennae is pulled from the "shoulder" color of their respective machines. Each Cricut Collectible is being sold in a sealed package so you don't know which one you are purchasing until after you opened it. If you don't get the color you want, or you get a duplicate, you can trade them with when you are at a Cricut Swarm or crop. Here is the whole collection:

Green Cricut Expression
Cricut Imagine

Purple Cricut Expression

Cricut Cake
Champagne Cricut Expression

Hunter Green Cricut Expression
Dark Blue Cricut Expression

Turquoise Cricut Expression
Pink Breast Cancer Cricut Expression

Cricut Create
Mystery Limited Edition Cricut

I am so excited that I can finally share these with you! Visit Cricut.com to start your own vinyl figure collection. They make great craft room assistants, and look really cute standing on your desk or next to your Cricut cartridge library.


Anonymous said...

Love them, and the Cricut Create is the cutest..just sayin'...has nothing to do with the fact that's what I own...of course :)

Princess Poodle said...

Wow, so very creative! I think you have captured the personality of each bug. I adore these little guys and can't wait to start my collection. Hmmm, sure am wondering about the mystery bug... any hints?

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

So adorable!

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

They are all so CUTE!!! :-)

Amy E said...

These are so awesome! You did a great job!!

Amy E.

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

You are officially a Collectible Toy Designer! How cool is that!!!

Melody Lane Designs said...

I love these I got 2 and did an unboxing video. Now I have 5 more coming, I was just going to order 2 more but my cricut was telling me he needed more friends and I would save if I shared shipping. I hope I get the Mystery one. i will do another video as I find out what I get.

Tracie said...

These are so darn cute! I'll have to put that on my christmas list! Awesome job!

Nadia said...

Wow! So much fun to finally find info on one of the PC cart designers! I so wish that they would tell us more about you all. It would have been fun to know that the designer of Art Nouveau was the Art Director for Napoleon Dynamite. Their marketing department should be jumping over themselves to showcase the talent they have employed!

I am a big fan of your designs and you are a big reason why my cartridge library is way more diversified than my financial portfolio!

Nadia Herbst-McConnell

Anonymous said...

I am so GLAD to hear that the collectibles originated with you! Your work is absolutely fantastic - I finally got my paws on Art Nouveau and I am thrilled thinking of how to use in my next free standing Halloween project!

And can I just say, Spring Holiday Cards totally rock! Who's your Paddy is an all time favorite.

Thank you for the imagination, technique, and thought that really is evident in the expanding artistic borders of Provo-Craft-Dom.

Melody Lane Designs said...

I got 2 more coming, now I am a circle member I get free shipping I will ordering more till I get them all.

Beatriz Bernard said...

Will these be available again?

Beatriz Bernard said...

Will these be available again?

Dshack said...

I just went to cricut.com under shop i do not see anywhere to buy them. .how do i find it?

Curt Jensen said...

@beatriz and @dshack, these cute little guys were just a one time thing. To my knowledge, Cricut has not reordered or rereleased anymore of these vinyl collectibles. I wish they would, though. I love 'em.

CONI Wood said...

I have 6 of these. Pink,black,white with blue antenna,white with gray antenna,purple,and red. I would like to sell them all. They are loose, but in excellent condition. Any info will be appreciated on value. How rare are these cricut vinyl figures. Thank you!