Happy Halloween

A couple of years ago, my wife and I set out to create our own card crafting company, Cherries Jubilee Creations. Naturally, I did all of the illustrative work, and my wife handled all of the PR and marketing. Although our little company never really took off, these kits made a great portfolio piece. And I am sure they helped me get my job at Provo Craft!

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would share some of my illustrations from our Tricks & Treats card kit. This was the back of our packaging and showcases all of the kit's contents.

My favorite elements from this kit were the Halloween paper dolls that I created. Here are close-ups of each of them. You are welcome to print them for personal use. All I ask is that you include a link to my blog when you post the projects you make with them. Thanks!

Our kits also included these 9 tags and embellishments. And just as I side note, I crafted the term "Hallowed Greetings" was quote in Legally Blonde: The Musical! "Welcome to the hallowed halls of Harvard Law." I felt that it sounded kind of creepy! :)  

And this was the sheet of word strips and borders. I illustrated them to look like printed ribbons.

To help get the word out, my wife enlisted her favorite paper crafter to create some projects. Here is a set of treat bags that Melissa Phillips made for us.


Introducing Cricut Collectibles

I am a collector of vinyl figures. Some of my favorites include Disney's Vinylmation collections, Kid Robot's Dunny figures, and the Doctor Who Time Squad series. So when I was asked to design a line of vinyl figures for Cricut, you can imagine how excited I was!

Like the Dunny and Vinylmation figures, each Cricut Collectible figure has a common shape (based on the Cricut logo) and 1 of 12 unique themed design. This first collection is based on the different Cricut machines that have been released. Their bodies are the color of an existing machine, and the contrasting color on their arms and antennae is pulled from the "shoulder" color of their respective machines. Each Cricut Collectible is being sold in a sealed package so you don't know which one you are purchasing until after you opened it. If you don't get the color you want, or you get a duplicate, you can trade them with when you are at a Cricut Swarm or crop. Here is the whole collection:

Green Cricut Expression
Cricut Imagine

Purple Cricut Expression

Cricut Cake
Champagne Cricut Expression

Hunter Green Cricut Expression
Dark Blue Cricut Expression

Turquoise Cricut Expression
Pink Breast Cancer Cricut Expression

Cricut Create
Mystery Limited Edition Cricut

I am so excited that I can finally share these with you! Visit Cricut.com to start your own vinyl figure collection. They make great craft room assistants, and look really cute standing on your desk or next to your Cricut cartridge library.