Art Nouveau on HSN

Monday marked the launch of the new Cricut Expression 2 on HSN. For the launch, HSN assembled a bundle of 4 cartridges and the new wireless adapter to include with the machine. I was stoked to see that my Art Nouveau cartridge was included in the bundle.

If you head over to the HSN blog, Jinger spotlights 2 projects that you can make with my cartridge. I thought the step by step pics for this project were pretty cool, and I wanted to share them with you.


Flashback - Strawberry Shortcake Party

Last year, I created this party suite for her third birthday.  And if you don't recognize the strawberry party dress, that's because it was the one my daughter wore on her big day.

And here is the birthday girl.

Photo courtesy of Christy Cunningham.


Jacob's Visit to Cricut Headquarters

You may remember the recent cartridge sighting about the blog hopping scrap assistant from Chloe and her Clip-on Koalas. Well, Jacob recently arrived in Utah and I was pleased to take him into work with me for a behind-the-scenes tour of Provo Craft. Here are some of the highlights from his visit:

When Jacob and Clippy the Koala arrived, they were greeted by the Cricut!  As you can see in this picture, the Cricut is a lot smaller in person.

Before they could go on the tour, Jacob had to sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement. Sorry ladies! This means that if you are one of the lucky bloggers that he will be visiting, he cannot disclose any information about the upcoming products and cartridges that he has seen.

After signing in, and receiving his visitor's badge, he was spotted by Debbie from Human Resources.  Although she was a little star struck, she felt inclined to inform him about our dress code policy as his current attire would be a distraction to our employees.

Since Jacob needed to change his clothes, Cricut took this opportunity to teach him how to screen print his own clothes using the Yudu Card Shop. Traditionally, Cricut would have taught him to use the original Yudu; but seeing that they both have little hands, the Card Shop seemed like a better option. Here is Jacob silkscreening the Cricut logo onto the back of his brand new track suit!

Jacob was eager to show off his handiwork and try on his new Cricut track jacket!

They then ventured over to the Design Center, where Jacob caught a glimpse of all of our cartridges and a plethora of projects that were made with them.

Eager to play with some of the cartridges from his wish list, Cricut then took Jacob over to test drive each our machines. He loved playing with all of them, but when it was all said and done, he felt that the Cricut Mini (coming soon) was more his size!

Then they headed over to my desk, where Jacob was greeted by the entire family of Cricut Collectibles. They were eager to show off their different colors, each one painted to match one of our existing machines. These cute little Cricuts will be coming soon to Cricut.com.

Jacob also got to meet Mike Wigton, head of the Cricut Circle, who gave him a glimpse at the upcoming Cricut Circle cartridges. Jacob was then officially inducted into the Cricut Circle and Mike bestowed upon him the much sought after Cricut Circle charm bracelet.

Jacob then got the opportunity to meet the rest of the Cricut art team and share with us all of his new cartridge ideas. We then shared with him some of the favorite cartridges that we created. From the left, Stephanie (the newest member of the art team will see her first cartridge hit the stores soon), Noralee (Ornamental Iron and Damask Decor), me (Campin' Critters and Space Party), Jacob (hoping for cartridge full of wolves), Kassie (Bump in the Night and County Fair),  and Brandon (Buccaneer and Sweet Tooth Boxes).

And just before leaving, Jacob got a little star struck as he met the official face of Cricut, Jinger!  And from the look of things, Jinger is definitely on Team Jacob!

To thank you for visiting my blog, Cricut and Jacob pulled together this prize package. One lucky reader will receive this stylish Cricut Cake apron, a Cricut Cake chef's hat, and the Cricut Birthday Cakes cartridge. This prize package is NOT just for Cricut Cake users. The images and phrases on this cartridge are perfect for whipping up sweet birthday cards and party decorations! And to be honest with you, I'm jealous of whoever wins this because I would love to add this cartridge to my collection!

To enter, follow my blog and leave a comment telling me what your favorite cartridge is and why you love it.  For a second entry, imagine that you are in Jacob's shoes and have the opportunity to sit down with the Cricut art team. What suggestions would you have for new cartridges?

Entries for the giveaway will be accepted through Thursday, September 29th, and the winner will be announced on Friday. Good luck!


Sighting of the Week: Word Collage Titles

Another way to use the Word Collage cartridge is to only use a portion of a sign as a page title. Gabriela from Gaby Creates has a great example of this. Using "Hide Contour" feature on her Gypsy or Cricut Craftroom, she selected just the "4th of July Fireworks" phrase to cut out.

Albert from A. Go's Craftomonium: Real Mean Can Craft used the "Print Only" feature on his Cricut Imagine to print out the Super Hero sign.  Once it was printed, he cut around the word "POW" for the front of his comic book card.


Sighting of the Week: All in a Day's Work

A couple of weeks ago, we had a Back to School crafternoon at Cricut.  (Crafting a work?! Rough job. I know!!!)  I decided to use my Word Collage cartridge to create customized sketchbooks.

First, I cut the artist's signatures sign out using vinyl.

Then I applied the negative of the sign to the front of my sketchbooks.

Once that was applied, I taped the excess off with tape and headed to the spray booth. I then applied a coat of spray paint to the front of my books.

After the spray paint was dry, I removed the vinyl . . .

. . . and voila! 2 customized sketchbooks!

Check out the open sketchbook in this photo. It is the one I am currently using and is chock-full of sketches from my Cricut cartridges. The page that it is open to contains some of the bugs from my Art Nouveau cartridge.