Sighting of the Week: CHA

While I was checking what had happened this week at CHA on the Cricut blog, I couldn't help but notice a few projects of mine that were showcased in the Cricut booth.

Check out the pirate shadow box in the center back.  I love how the designer of this project combined my pirate sign from Word Collage with my colleges Buccaneer Imagine cartridge.

This photo also features my interactive space ship card in the lower left corner. The card is being shown with the party information pulled out. In the photo below, you can just make out the see the exhaust flame pull-tab from this card in the lower right corner.

The large frame in the back features my paper crafting sign from Word Collage. When I made this one, I totally visualized that scrapbookers would cut this out and put it in their craft rooms.  I particularly love how the designer who put this together added glitter to "C" in Cricut.

You will also notice in the bottom right corner a few projects from Space Party.


Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

I am so excited Curt, I just got the Space Party Cart in the mail from ordering it and my son is adamant about a Rocket party end of August. I can't wait to get right into it. LOVE the way the rocket fire becomes the invite words. So using that cut for the invites! Great job on the cart. Have lots of great plans for it.

Pat N. said...

Very cool, Curt. I bet that collage art is going to be a big hit. I'm sure you know Robyn of My Pink Stamper. Well, she just posted a video showing how she cut that collage in white vinyl and put it on her bright pink wall in her craft studio. Check it out!-- Pat N.

Curt Jensen said...

Chloe - I am so excited that you have the Space Party cartridge! I love how everything turned out on it, and I designed it so it does not require a lot of extra embellishments to make it cute. Have fun and be sure to post your party photos!

Pat - Thanks for sharing the link from My Pink Stamper. I actually don't know Robyn, but it was really fun to see her video of Word Collage! Thanks for sharing it with me.

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

Love to see this hodgepodge of Cricut crafts and some of yours in the mix. I'm excited to see all the fun and inventive things crafters do with Word Collage, it's one of my favorites, as are you!