Art Nouveau

I received my degree in theatre and film design. What I enjoyed most about my education was that every project was set in a different time period and art style. One of art styles that I absolutely fell in love with was Art Nouveau. So, when Cricut assigned me a cartridge for heritage scrapbookers, I took the opportunity to showcase this historical art style.

One thing I love about working with the Cricut is that my artwork always looks so much neater once it is cut out of paper. To showcase this, here is an Art Nouveau scrapbook layout, courtesy of the Cricut Blog.

I did not visualize this style of project/page layout in mind when I was working on this cartridge, but I love what they did with it.  I also love that all of the detail of the seahorse and jelly fish are not lost when all of the layers are cut out of the same paper.

Art Nouveau is now available from Cricut.com.
Coming Soon:  The Art Nouveau Look Book.


Sighting of the Week: CHA

While I was checking what had happened this week at CHA on the Cricut blog, I couldn't help but notice a few projects of mine that were showcased in the Cricut booth.

Check out the pirate shadow box in the center back.  I love how the designer of this project combined my pirate sign from Word Collage with my colleges Buccaneer Imagine cartridge.

This photo also features my interactive space ship card in the lower left corner. The card is being shown with the party information pulled out. In the photo below, you can just make out the see the exhaust flame pull-tab from this card in the lower right corner.

The large frame in the back features my paper crafting sign from Word Collage. When I made this one, I totally visualized that scrapbookers would cut this out and put it in their craft rooms.  I particularly love how the designer who put this together added glitter to "C" in Cricut.

You will also notice in the bottom right corner a few projects from Space Party.


Sighting of the Week: Mini Books

I am amazed at the level of creativity that Cricut crafters have. There have been numerous occasions when I have seen a project that was made with one of my cartridges and thought, "WOW! I did not visualize creating that with this cartridge!" The projects in todays sighting were one of these instances.

One of the ladies over at ScrapbookPal.com has created 2 mini albums using my Spring Holiday Cards cartridge.

This first mini album was created using one of my envelope designs. Each envelope is approximately 5.5" x 7" and is the perfect size to hold 4" x 6" photos and love notes.

I like how she used magnetic snaps for the envelope closures.

She cut a total of 6 envelopes for this album, and then used a paper hole punch and binder rings to bind them together.

For this next project, she used one of my card background shapes, binder rings and a standing frame from Ikea to create a hanging photo album.

As you can see, the notches for the cards make great photo corners.

I included this photo because it really gives you a sense of how many of these backgrounds she cut out. This is such a cute and easy project. I will definitely be making one of these in the near future.


Space Party

In recent years, I have come to the realization that I am a little bit of a Sci-fi geek!  I may not speak Klingon or know the lineage of Luke Skywalker; but one day, I would love to attend Comic Con and try to catch a glimpse of J.J. Abrams or anyone from Doctor Who.

So, when I was presented with the Space Party cartridge, I was happy to channel my inner geek to create a masculine party for the Event Cartridge launch.

Two of my favorite images on this cartridge are both of the cards.  I made the purple UFO card so it opens toward you, reminiscent of an alien boarding ramp.  I also made the red spaceship card so it is interactive.  You simply pull down on the exhaust flame to reveal your message and/or party info.

Here is a set of projects that Tammy Skinner from Creative Critters made with this cartridge.

Space Party is now available from Cricut.com.
Click here to view the entire Space Party Look Book.


Sighting of the Week: Jacob Goes Campin'

This has to be the best Campin' Critters sighting that I have come across, and it inspired me to start sharing my favorite cartridge sightings each week.  Chloe from Chloe and her Clip-on Koalas is currently doing a blog hop with the help of her scrap assistant, Jacob.  Jacob is currently circling the globe, and will soon be making a stop in Utah to visit Cricut headquarters.

In this photo, Jacob has made himself (with the Campin' Critters cartridge) a backpack for his journey.

Here he is doing some last minute workouts to make sure his "ripped 6-pack" is in shape for "all of the various Barbies" he will meet along the way.

Jacob also made a Blog Hop Journal with my cartridge to document his trip around the world. 

One of the bloggers he visited even made him a tent from my cartridge so he could re-enact the infamous Eclipse "tent scene."