Word Collage Look Book

The Look Book for my Word Collage cartridge was released today. Since all of these signs are designed to be cut out at larger sizes, you really can't see what they look like on the packaging. But in the Look Book, you can see all of them cut out and photographed at their appropriate sizes. Also, you will notice that some of the signs have white letters (negative space) and some have colored letters (positive space). I designed this cartridge so you could use all of the signs either way, making it super versatile. To view the Word Collage Look Book, click on the image below:

I also want to point out that 2 of the projects that are featured in the Look Book were made by me and my family. In my last post, I pointed out that the dessert plate was painted by me and my wife. While we were painting it, my 3 year old daughter was painting the pink "Sugar & Spice" tile. After I laid down the vinyl on the tile, she did all of the painting herself.

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