If you have ever visited my home, you know that my wife and I take holidays seriously.  She loves to decorate our house for each of the major holidays and/or seasons. Currently, our halls are decked in red, white, and blue as we get ready for the 4th of July and my daughters 4th birthday (4th of July themed, of course)! 

These seasonal changes to our home really get me into the spirit of each season, so it was with great excitement when I was put on the Summer and Autumn Celebrations cartridges. Both of these cartridges feature 3 different designers, with each designer providing a third of the cartridge in their own unique style. The idea behind this is that the consumer is essentially purchasing 3 cartridges for the price of one.

I illustrated the first third of each cartridge in a classic / travel sticker style. On the Summer Celebrations cartridge, I created 17 images with coordinating phrases, cards and tags for the following holidays and celebrations: Flag Day, Father’s Day, Canada Day, Independence Day, Bastille Day, Summer Olympics, Birthday, Wedding, Luau, and Summer Vacation. My personal favorites are the Statue of Liberty, the patriotic eagle, and the Canadian Mountie.

On the Autumn Celebrations cartridge, I created another 17 images with coordinating phrases, cards and tags for Back to School, Labor Day, Oktoberfest, Columbus Day, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Guy Fawkes Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, St. Andrew’s Day, and Diwali Day. My personal favorites on this cartridge are the Oktoberfest girl, the soldier playing taps, and Dracula.

Summer and Autumn Celebrations are now available from Cricut.com.
Click here to view the Look Books for Summer and Autumn Celebrations.


Pat N. said...

I love to decorate my home too for the change of the holidays and seasons. These cartridges look great--can't wait for their release!--Pat N.

Pat N. said...

I just visited the Cricut Blog and see that these cartridges have been released today and are available at Cricut.com. Cool!

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

I'm glad I found the one guy in the world that not only likes different holidays but is always happy to help me deck our house 7 times a year! Love all your artwork on these cartridges. I also love the card feature! Beyond cool!