Word Collage Look Book

The Look Book for my Word Collage cartridge was released today. Since all of these signs are designed to be cut out at larger sizes, you really can't see what they look like on the packaging. But in the Look Book, you can see all of them cut out and photographed at their appropriate sizes. Also, you will notice that some of the signs have white letters (negative space) and some have colored letters (positive space). I designed this cartridge so you could use all of the signs either way, making it super versatile. To view the Word Collage Look Book, click on the image below:

I also want to point out that 2 of the projects that are featured in the Look Book were made by me and my family. In my last post, I pointed out that the dessert plate was painted by me and my wife. While we were painting it, my 3 year old daughter was painting the pink "Sugar & Spice" tile. After I laid down the vinyl on the tile, she did all of the painting herself.


Word Collage

Today Cricut announced their new line of Project cartridges. Each of these cartridges feature 50 items that are catered to making a specific type of item. The projects that I was tasked to create for this launch was an entire cartridge of subway sign art.
I must point out that the dessert plate on the front of the box was painted by me and my wife. We cut the sign out of vinyl and used the vinyl as a stencil on the ceramic plate. Once we were finished painting in the letters, we peeled off the vinyl.  This is what the plate looked like before it was fired.

I wanted this cartridge to have lots of different uses, so I created signs with the following themes:
  • Travel: fashion capitals, Paris landmarks, New York City neighborhoods, and tropical destinations.
  • Baby: baby words, Rock-a-Bye Baby nursery rhyme, the alphabet, and Nursery Rhymes.
  • BoysWhat Little Boys Are Made Of nursery rhyme, dinosaurs, pirate words, and comic book words.
  • GirlsWhat Little Girls Are Made Of nursery rhyme, princess words, fairy tales, and ballet terms (for my little girl).
  • Animals: types of pets, dog breeds, cat breeds, and zoo animals.
  • Home: washing words for your laundry room, movie genres for your home theatre, welcome in different languages for your entry, and games for your game room.
  • Food & Drink: desserts, coffee words, wines, and cooking terms.
  • Sports: popular sports, football words, basketball words, and golf words.
  • Crafts & Hobbies: sewing words, paper crafting words featuring the new Cricut logo (I knew our consumers would love this!!!), fonts (for the graphic designers out there like myself), and types of flowers.
  • The Arts: titles of Jane Austen's books, music composer's signatures, titles of Shakespeare's plays (because I am a drama geek), and artist's signatures.
  • Holidays: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Canada Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, fun Christmas, and religious Christmas.

Here are a couple of projects that I found online today to showcase just how cool this cartridge really is. This first project uses the What Little Girls Are Made Of sign.

This second project uses the What Little Boys Are Made Of sign.

Word Collage is now available from Cricut.com.


Summer & Autumn Look Books

Cricut just released the "Look Books" for the recent cartridge releases. These books contain the entire cut book (every image from the cartridge cut out of paper), a 1 minute video, and projects. The projects are hidden at the end of the book, so be sure to click through to the end to see them. To view the Summer and Autumn Celebrations' Look Books, click the images below:

The team that sits behind me makes these cut books! Whenever they are cutting the images from one of my cartridges, I can't help but hover over their shoulders, because it is so much fun to see my images cut out. I am excited that Cricut is now making these cut books available for the public to view, too.


Sighting of the Week: Father's Day Cards

In honor of Father's Day, here are some projects I have stumbled across that feature die cuts from my Father's Day cartridge:   

I love this first card!  Not only does this crafter have an amazing skill for coordinating patterned papers, but she also used three different elements from the cartridge: the recliner, "Super Dad" shield and oval badge background.

I also love how she included the remote on the inside of the card!  It really helps continue the story about "Dad's recliner" when you open the card.  Whenever I make cards, I like to include something on the inside, too.

The same designer from above also created this scrapbook layout.  I love how she has used the "#1 Dad" shield as a large frame on her layout. 

Here she used the oval badge background as a decorative journaling box.

This next paper crafter layered the background piece (the red) on top of the motorcycle image.  Although I had not intended it to be used this way, it still looks really cool.

How cool is this?!  Just add my "Best Dad Ever" badge to the center of a paper rosette, 
and you have a ribbon for your award winning father.

The "Best Dad Ever" badge makes a great patch on this gift card holder.

You could also use this phrase with printable shrink plastic to create your dad a one of the kind keychain or pocket charm.

The poker cards and chips were of the first illustrations that I created for this cartridge.  I remember test cutting it so I could get my art director to sign off on my overall concept and style.  She was not sold on the initial idea. If only I had had this card at the time!  Then she would have signed off on my direction without any hesitation.

This card really made me laugh.  Recognize those fish?!?
They are from my Campin' Critters cartridge.  I have seen people use images from multiple cartridges before, but this is the first I time have seen someone combine images from two different cartridges that I designed.

I love the papers the crafter picked out for this simple "#1 Dad" shield.  The handwritten/antiqued paper gives it a classic look.  This project would be fun to recreate using the patterned papers on my Heirloom Cricut Imagine cartridge.

This sighting struck me as a bit odd.  Did you know that for only $1 you can purchase 2 die cut and assembled soda/beer can images from Etsy?  This particular seller is also currently selling the basketball image from the Father's Day cartridge.

This last project uses the "Happy Father's Day" badge to finish off their layout.

Want to see more? Here are some additional that I have stumbled across:



If you have ever visited my home, you know that my wife and I take holidays seriously.  She loves to decorate our house for each of the major holidays and/or seasons. Currently, our halls are decked in red, white, and blue as we get ready for the 4th of July and my daughters 4th birthday (4th of July themed, of course)! 

These seasonal changes to our home really get me into the spirit of each season, so it was with great excitement when I was put on the Summer and Autumn Celebrations cartridges. Both of these cartridges feature 3 different designers, with each designer providing a third of the cartridge in their own unique style. The idea behind this is that the consumer is essentially purchasing 3 cartridges for the price of one.

I illustrated the first third of each cartridge in a classic / travel sticker style. On the Summer Celebrations cartridge, I created 17 images with coordinating phrases, cards and tags for the following holidays and celebrations: Flag Day, Father’s Day, Canada Day, Independence Day, Bastille Day, Summer Olympics, Birthday, Wedding, Luau, and Summer Vacation. My personal favorites are the Statue of Liberty, the patriotic eagle, and the Canadian Mountie.

On the Autumn Celebrations cartridge, I created another 17 images with coordinating phrases, cards and tags for Back to School, Labor Day, Oktoberfest, Columbus Day, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Guy Fawkes Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, St. Andrew’s Day, and Diwali Day. My personal favorites on this cartridge are the Oktoberfest girl, the soldier playing taps, and Dracula.

Summer and Autumn Celebrations are now available from Cricut.com.
Click here to view the Look Books for Summer and Autumn Celebrations.