Sighting of the Week: Campin' Critters

Google Image Search is one of my favorite things on the web.  Not only is it great for finding art inspiration, but it is also great for seeing what crafty things people are doing with my Cricut cartridges.  Here are some of the projects that I have stumbled across that feature elements from my Campin' Critters cartridge.

Most Cricut cartridges have anywhere from 50 – 650 additional images that you don't see on the back of the box.  In addition to the "campin" critters, this cartridge also features signs and badges. I really like how this crafter is using these additional items as scrapbook page embellishments. 

I designed the "phrases" on this cartridge to resemble the signs from the National Parks and Forests.

Close-up of the life preserver badge.

Close-up of the fish badge.

This crafter used the badge feature to create large accents on her Valentine's cards.  I really like her use of the embossed paper on the graham crackers.

Card featuring the Skunk badge.

I almost missed this card during my Google Image Search. With their use of elegant papers and flower embellishments, the butterfly badge takes on a whole different look.

Close-up of the butterfly badge.

This deer was the first "camping" critter that I illustrated.  His style set the tone for the rest of the cartridge.

This crafter did a whole series of projects with my cartridge.  I read on her blog that she used the Gypsy to eliminate the eyes that I designed.  She then stamped the eyes on with a stamp set.  Although I don't love the "new eyes," some of the projects she made are really cute.

When I designed this frog, I thought it would be funny if he was using a net to catch his food.  The sign I  designed to go with it was "Catch of the Day."  I really like the sentiment she used on this project though.

The cartridge features 6 different backgrounds.  I like how she is using it the lake background as a large embellishment for this card.

This scrapbook page made me laugh!  This will be the only kind of SKI trip that my wife and I will be taking in the future.  I have to give this crafter some major props for thinking outside of the cartridge box!  To create the kangaroo, she took the antlers off of my skiing deer and added a tail.

Here are some additional projects I have stumbled across:

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Amber said...

As someone relatively new to Cricut die cuts, this definitely gets me thinking BIGGER! Thanks!