Father's Day

My Father's Day cartridge was announced today.  To quote the Sound of Music, this cartridge features "a few of [dad's] favorite things."  I wanted to make sure that I illustrated some of the key items for every type of dad. So on this seasonal cartridge you will find <cue the music> "beer cans, foam fingers, and big wads of money.  Monster trucks, poker and guns meant for hunting.  Signs for his "man cave" and poles for fishing.  These are a few of Dad's favorite things!" 

Father's Day is now available at Cricut.com and your favorite craft stores.


Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

I can't wait to make you a father's day book of your favorite things...using your cartridge!

Sheila Toppi said...

Curt, you are my HERO!! I've been using Cricut carts for about 3 years now, and own over 70. I just got Campin' Critters yesterday, and it is HANDS DOWN, the CUTEST cart EVER! your work is truly amazing and I also love the other carts you designed. I am do happy I found your blog because I was wondering who came up with this adorable stuff!! Keep doing what your doing--which is my dream job! Lol

Curt Jensen said...

Sheila, I am glad that you love Campin' Critters. I had a lot of fun designing it. This is truly my dream job, and I feel very fortunate to have it!

Creative Cutter Room said...

You are awesome Curt! It was so nice to meet you yesterday at Scrapbook Expo. I am going to do my next Cricut Cartridge Review on this cart and can't wait to get the Father's Day Cart and start to create even more with your wonderful designs. Cathie www.creativecutter.org

Erika Valdez said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog!! I am so happy that you like what I made using the Campin Critters Cartridge!! It is one of my favorite cartridges!!We go camping a lot so this was perfect for us!!


Curt Jensen said...

Erika - It is so nice to hear that you love the cartridge. I will be doing another post with Campin' Critters projects in the future and plan on showing off your project.

Pat N. said...

Gee, I ask a question on my blog about the Father's Day cartridge, and who responds?!! The designer of the cartridge!! How cool is that. I'm a little awestruck at the moment, but certainly appreciate your comment and the answer to my question. I didn't know that about seasonal cartridges. But I like that this one has so many manly themes. Thanks for that! I plan to use the sports car cut for a Father's Day card for my husband! I'm not a camper either, but your Campin' Critters cartridge sure looks great. Thanks again for taking the time to find me and my card! Much appreciated.--Pat N.

Curt Jensen said...

Pat - Thanks! I love searching the web to see what projects people have made with my cartridges. Be sure to check back. I have 4 cartridges that will be announced this month, and 1 next month! I can't wait to share it with you and the other followers of my blog.

K Andrew said...

I've featured your FAther's day cartridge last month in a challenge to win the FAther's day Cartridge and am also featuring it again this week to win this fabulous cart again; I just happened to stumble upon your blog!
GREAT to see that you create for pc!

Big Cricky Hugs,
K Andrew of Getting Cricky!

Cely said...

Found your blog by the awesome post K from Getting Cricky with K Andrews posted on her blog! Hello! And your artwork is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

sleeplesswonder said...

I so need this cart, Great job done with it, you totally ROCK!! I am coming over fro Kristal's blog getting Cricky. I am now a follower. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you, hopefully more carts like this.
Melissa D

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Just found your blog via http://www.gettingcricky.com
I'm now a follower :-) Great designs on the cartridges! Look forward to seeing what else you create in the future (and by the way we share the same last name!)
-Samantha :-)

Formerly known as: Queen of Bling said...

This is perfect for my man stamps that I have! I need a manly cart for them! Thanks for creating it! Love having a man's perspective in the crafting world! You're awesome! Love the artwork :-)Can't wait to see what's next!!!

Kim said...

I'm your newest follower! Love the Father's Day Cartridge! Great Job:)


Love the images, it is so hard to find cuts for a masciline card!! Krysal Andrews sent me!! I am a new follower!!
sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

Two Pink Peas said...

I am in LOVE with this cartridge. You did a fabulous job doing it. I can't wait to get it. My dad passed away from cancer at the age of 49 years old in 1994. He hid his cancer from me so I did not get to say goodbye. This cartridge would help me make so many scrapbook page memories of him. Getting Cricky sent me to you. Thanks for all the hard work for creating this cartridge. Amazing job!! Terri M of
Two Pink Peas www.twopinkpeas.blogspot.com

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

I found my way from Getting Cricky!
Great cartridge design! This one is on my list!

Curt Jensen said...

Thanks for all of the great comments and new followers! And a big thanks to Krysal Andrews for introducing you all to my blog. Tomorrow, 2 new cartridges of mine are going to be announced, and I can't wait to share them with you.

S.Bayles said...

My friend Kristal sent me. I love the images on the cartridge and hope to get one soon. Of course its always nice to win one. Cannot wait to see the new ones.
Great job...

AJoy said...

Can't wait to see your new cartridges tomorrow! Camping Critters is absolutely ADORABLE!

nginerd at gmail dot com

Jessica said...

Fabulous cartridge Kurt. Fantastic artwork!!!! Just hopped over via K Andrews!!!
Happy to be a new follower.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding cartridges, Campin Critter is my FAV... KAndrews send me your way.


Enjoli said...

oh no i just relized that this was a post too. I have been commetning on your two fb pages and the blog but now i think i have it all wrong i hope not.

Lisa said...

Kristal of Getting Cricky with K Andrews sent me your way and oh my gosh, I'm so glad she did! You designed one of my all-time favorite carts, Campin Critters!! I so LOVE it! You are incredibly talented! I don't have the Father's Day cart yet, but it is on my wish list. I'm a new follower... I can not wait to see the new carts you have coming out this month and next!!


lanejoy1 said...

I love this idea of having a special cartridge to make a card for Dad. Sometimes it's so hard to make a card for a man but now that has been solved. Thanks so much for this cartridge. Kristal from K Andrews sent me your way. Would love to see more cartridges from you.


Josie0602 said...

I am so glad that K Andrews sent me over here!! I am a huge fan of your artwork on the cartridges!! I just got my Father's Day and Campin Critters. I bought Father's Day specifically for the motorcycle as my son rides. I have to say....Campin Critters is the cutest and most fun cartridge I have bought in a while. I made my husband's birthday card with the deer fishing and the mountain background and he loved it!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!!

Squirlygirl said...

Hi Curt, I found your blog from the FABULOUS Kristal from Getting Cricky! I love your artwork! Thank you for sharing your imagination with all of us crafty peeps :)

Naomi said...

You truely are amazing and I would do anything to have your talent.. I can't believe you design these cartridges!!!! Wow!!
I am a new follower and came over from "Getting cricky with K Andrews".. she is so awesome , you have a great new friend there. Keep up the awesome work! I will be back for sure:
Drop by and visit me, I am new to blogging and the cricut!!!