Heirloom Pattern Cartridge

This week my first Cricut Imagine pattern cartridge was announced.  The Cricut Imagine is an amazing machine that is both a Cricut AND an HP printer.  What this machine allows you to do is fill any Cricut image with a pattern from a Cricut Imagine pattern cartridge.  In other words, you don't have to stock up on patterned paper anymore!  This machine will do it all for you.

For the Heirloom pattern cartridge, I had a lot of fun finding vintage dictionary and book illustrations, and then layering them in unexpected ways with bright colors and patterns.  My personal favorites are the pink plaid paper that I made with vintage sheet music, and the collage of vintage instrument illustrations.

Heirloom is now available at Cricut.com and your favorite craft stores.

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Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

I love these! How cool is it that you got to design a cartridge for the Imagine! I would have never imagined that! :) LOL! I know we'll use these papers lots and lots and the really cool thing about these pattern cartridges is we'll never run out of paper!