Flashback - Valentine's Day Cards

Last year I illustrated this series of Valentines for my (then) 2 year old daughter.  We had recently returned from Disney World, and she was majorly obsessed with all of the different characters she had met.  Most days she would insist that she was one of the characters, such as Alice or Sleeping Beauty.  Her imagination was so vivid that she would assign supporting character names to everyone around her.  I always had the privilege of being her romantic lead!  So, you can imagine how excited she was to see these Valentines that featured her dressed up as her favorite characters.

To Jesse from Woody

To Minnie from Mickey

To Alice from the Mad Hatter

To Chicken Little from Fish

To Mary Poppins from Bert

To Pinocchio from Geppetto

To Sleeping Beauty from Prince Phillip


Geoffrey said...

Wow. Just, Wow.

On one side I can't believe how long you must have spent on these; on the other side, I would have expected nothing less, lol.

Diana said...

Cute, thoughtful, creative and did I mention WAY cute?! :)

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

Love these! Truly a disney treasure.

Nadia said...

Absolutely love this-- what a cool idea!