Sighting of the Week: Spring Holiday Cards

I've heard of Googling yourself before, but this week my wife introduced me to Googling my art!  It is so much fun to see what crafts people are already creating using my cartridges.  I also love reading what they have to say about them.  Here are some projects that I found that use my Spring Holiday Cards cartridge.


Jessica said...

That is such a fun idea to google your art! It's so awesome to see what people have come up with using your cartridge. You know a cartridge is awesome when everything people make with it looks amazing. I love the "I Heart Ewe" card!

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

I love this cartridge and can't wait to play with it. I love googling your artwork and will do it often! :) I especially love what the designer did with the "Eat, Drink & Be Irish" card. So clever!

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

You've added new ones! Love 'em! And who'd a thought that googley eyes would make a comeback in 2010! Not I, said the Curt!