Campin' Critters

When I was asked to create a camping cartridge, I will admit, I was less than thrilled.  This is mainly because I am most definitely NOT a camper.  As I started illustrating the different animals you might see during your camping trip it hit me: "What if the animals were the campers?"  Once I got to this point, then it became fun figuring out what each of the animals would be doing: a skunk stinking up the outhouse, a lazy frog catching flies with bug spray, an eagle that is a scout, a beaver that is collecting "fire" wood, etc.  And then, just for fun, I had to through on Bigfoot (who has exceptionally large hiking boots).

What the packaging doesn't really showcase are the additional features on this cartridge: 50 merit badges and 50 signs & cards.  For example the merit badge that coordinates with Bigfoot is a hiking boot and his sign says, "Bigfoot X-ing."  The porcupine's merit badge is a fire and his sign says, "Can I have S'more?" And you may be wondering what happened to my initial animal illustrations?  They all made the cartridge and are featured as 14 different "animal sighting" merit badges.

Campin' Critters is now available at Cricut.com and your favorite craft stores.


Susie J. said...

Awesome job. I can't wait to get this one. It would be better if I could get your brother to go camping (in a motor home - no tent for us, haha)

Elizabeth B. Jensen said...

I'm glad you could channel your good 'ole scouting days to get enough good karma to create this cartridge. I know we won't be camping in a tent or yurt anytime soon, but we can now make tents for Mary Ann's fairies or Annie people and THEY can go camping. How's that for a good idea!?!

Jen M. Jensen said...

I think its rude that you put hiking boots on the Jenni "big foot" creature... last time I checkee big foots wore flip flops...lol.
I love this one and can't wait to buy it